Jacobs Publishers

Jacobs Publishers is a peer reviewed open access publisher of various international journals. It is based on the most exciting researchers with respect to the functional journals covering cosmic fields like Science, Medicine, Chemistry, Engineering and Pharmacy. Our journal opts for the rising horizons of scientific innovations and to popularize the developments in research community and in upgrading receptiveness to the research articles.

Jacobs Research Journals is distinguished by its scientific excellence, breadth of coverage, timeliness of topics, and commitment to clear scientific communication. In keeping with this tradition, Jacobs Conferences are aimed at the international scientific community, with the goal of fostering and facilitating communication and collaboration between scientists.

With the success of Jacobs international Journals, we are proud to present these unique events that will become essential resources for the researchers of today and tomorrow.

Additionally, Jacobs international publishers also organizes Science Congress, World Summits, and International science conferences all over the world. These conferences attract world renowned personalities, scientists, entrepreneurs, budding scientists, students and policy makers aimed at providing a common platform to brainstorm the recent research ideas.

The Conference division hosts annual International workshops and symposiums, Exhibitions, and trade shows in various parts of the world. These events provide opportunities for conducting meetings, creating networks and collaborations, as well as encouraging entrepreneurship activities with the sole aim of furtherance of scientific development.

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